A walk by the river in a dream - w4m

Me: walking with friends
You: stopping to share some wisdom on your way to somewhere else

I never thought about it before now, but looking back I guess it's kind of weird that none of my dreams ever had you in it, since I dream about almost everyone I know at one point or another. But a couple of nights ago, I dreamed of you for the first time that I remember.

In the dream, I was walking with some friends, and we were talking about ARGs or games or something - dream conversation, the kind you never remember. But as I was talking, I clearly heard your voice, and I turned to my right, and you were walking alongside us, and you said, "No, no, Brandie, you've got that all wrong!" A flash of annoyance, because no on likes to hear that! but it was you, and listening to you is always a good idea, so I said, "OK, tell me."

And everyone - I can't remember who was there now - gathered around you, and we were walking by a riverside, a nice sidewalk, shady trees. It was sunshine and clouds, and every now and then my eye would catch a sparkle off the water. You were in the center of us all, and you were saying things that were true and made sense and made us all see the thing we were talking about in a different way. I wish I could remember what you said, or even what we were talking about, but it was dream talk; it all fades away.

And then I stopped, and I said, "It's so nice to see you here. I'm really glad you came by." Because I knew, then, that this was a dream, and that when I woke, you would be long gone, but you were there at that moment, and I wanted to remember. And you grinned, and you waved at someone just past me, and I turned to see who, and just like that, you were gone.

The group of people I was with had gone on, and I was starting to hurry to catch up with them, and that's when I woke up. It felt a little bit like I got to say goodbye, and I was glad to have had the chance.

We miss you.

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